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We Fight Sneaky Business Practices To Protect Consumers

Our attorneys at Brody & Cornwell don’t like sneaky and deceitful creditors or companies. In fact, our consumer protection lawyers in St. Louis have dedicated their legal careers to shining a light on shady business dealings. Our lawyers protect consumers by holding dishonest businesses accountable for their fraudulent actions and wrongdoing.

To top it off, we also make them pay for your attorneys’ fees whenever we can. Like a watchful neighbor or a big brother protecting you from a bully, we want to fight your fight for you. Read more about our founding attorneys here:

We Protect Consumers From Dealership Fraud

When you purchase a big ticket item, like a new car or vehicle, our lawyers want to protect our clients from fraud and deceptive practices. For example, under Missouri law, you have the right to receive the title for the vehicle you purchased. If you didn’t, you may have a claim under consumer protection laws. You also have the right to receive a vehicle that is free from defects. If you ended up with a lemon, our lawyers can hold the dealership accountable under Missouri’s lemon laws.

We Stop Abusive Bill Collectors

There are state and federal laws protecting citizens from unfair debt collection practices. There are laws that protect debtors from harassment and abuse by creditors. There are also laws about how and when a creditor can garnish your wages or repossess your vehicle. If your wages have been garnished by your employer unexpectedly, or you believe, unfairly, we can evaluate the judgment against you to determine if your creditors are following the law.

If you are being victimized by abusive bill collectors, we can protect your rights and make it stop. If you have unknowingly had your wages garnished, you have rights. If your car has been repossessed, we can make sure that your creditors didn’t violate your due process rights. If the collection laws or your rights were violated, you may be entitled to damages, and we will make them pay for your attorney fees.

Shifting The Attorney Fees To Your Creditor

As a consumer, you have rights. If your rights were violated, or a creditor was guilty of deceitful practices or fraudulent behavior, you may be entitled to damages. In addition, consumer protection laws usually require that sneaky and fraudulent creditors or deceitful and shady businesses have to pay for your attorney fees. In every case, we prioritize shifting our clients’ legal fees onto their creditors. We don’t want you to have to take any financial risks by hiring us to protect your rights.

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